Multi-strain probiotic

for faster multiplication and colonization of whole GIT tract promoting GUT
defense barrier and well positioned for immunomodulation and competitive
exclusion of altered GUT Microbiology.

Composition:each 100 g contain

Lactobacillus species 200 billion cfu

Lactobacillus  Acidophilus                2.06×108cfu /g

Lactobacillus  Plantarum                1.26×108cfu/g

Lactobacillus  Casei          2.06×108cfu/g

Lactobacillus  Bulgaricus        2.06×108cfu/g

Streptococcus  Thermophiles         4.10×108cfu/g

Streptococcus  Faecium              5.40×108cfu/g

BofidobacteriumBofidum             1.00×108cfu/g

AspergillusOryazae             5.32×107cfu/g

Torulopsis             5.32×107cfu/g

Maltodextrin up to                             100 g


Indications :


Increase beneficial microbiota in first days of chicks.


Decrease pathogenic M.O ( asCholestridia ,E coli,Sal) colonization.


Increase absorption of nutrient by increase healthy villi length.


For better FCR.


Increase egg production.


Increase bod Wight gain.


For immunomodulation .


After excessive use of antibiotics .


Water medication / 1g for 5 liter 
for 3-5 days

Feed / 50-100 g/ Ton

Package : plastic jar 250 g