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Who We Are:

We are an animal health company dedicated to providing a wide range of veterinary products and services to support the animal health.

We were devoted intensive efforts in promoting health products and spreading strategically in market and felt its presence in all continents. After several years of unremitting hard work in animal health segment, a team of experts established in identifying may newer molecules pertaining to animal health.

We aspire to be the number one choice of veterinarians trusted resource.


The exciting growth of EGYPTMED is fueled by customer-driven innovation consistently delivered by our talented employees; with the vision of developing using the latest scientific approaches still driving our business today.


Team EGYPTMED possess best positive traits.

EGYPTMED nurtures employees to handle all types of situation.

Employees at EGYPTMED acts confidently with full knowledge of assigned job.

EGYPTMED induces team spirit among employees.

We believes that the services are committed to provide the customers, the best value for their investment.


Our duties to poultry industry in Egypt

We are one of partners of poultry industry looking forward to our nation development in these sector which are very important to safe the needs of citizens to protein requirements all over year. From these we provide good quality products to solve the problems in poultry productions field to build up the sequenced units of increasing of production


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